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he Affiliation of Independent Christian Colleges & Seminaries is among the largest, non-government accrediting teams on the planet.  AICCS is a non-profit affiliation of independent Christian colleges and seminaries committed to academic excellence, intellectual freedom, ethical conduct, and moral integrity. AICCS was chartered as a charitable corporation within the State of Missouri to assist set up, assist, preserve, and promote the event of non-conventional, modular, and personal tutoring/mentoring methods on-campus, and audio/video-taped, on-line, and different distance learning strategies off-campus. We foster flexible, experimental, progressive, personalized studying alternatives, in addition to traditional put up-secondary and graduate-degree academic modalities. Our affiliated faculties provide degrees that are completely legitimate, completely honorable, widely revered, and generally accepted inside the Christian community.Accreditation has a number of elements that relate to each other as the method unfolds.
AICCS requirements are established by vote of the Board of Administrators in consultation with representatives of institutional members. These standards present the basis for constant reviews throughout many sizes and sorts of institutions.

AICCS colleges petition and volunteer to participate in the accreditation course of. As a primary step, establishments develop a self-research process involving administration, faculty, and students that results in a self-examine doc. The doc compares institutional practices towards AICCS standards and the goals and objectives of the college. It identifies strengths, areas for enchancment, and aspirations for future improvement.

On-Website Evaluate
A group of trained AICCS evaluators offers cautious consideration to the self-examine in the course of the go to to the school campus. The evaluators then put together a report of their findings for the Accreditation Fee regarding the varsity’s consistency with AICCS requirements, areas for improvement, and future points. Previous to official Fee action, the establishment has the choice to respond to the evaluator’s report regarding errors of reality, conclusions primarily based on errors of fact, or any documented change Additional hints made to the program for the reason that group departed from the campus.

Fee Motion
The Fee on Accreditation critiques the establishment’s self-study, the AICCS Evaluator’s Report, and any further responses from the college under evaluate. The Commission renders a call about accreditation standing based mostly on revealed AICCS standards and pointers. It communicates with the ntitution till the accreditation evaluation is completed.
Outcomes regarding accredited status of all member schools are printed within the AICCS Directory. In addition, the formal Report of the AICCS Fee on Accreditation is made obtainable on the website within thirty days after each of the Commission’s meetings.
AICCS faculties which maintain official standing are obligated to produce and forward an annual report, file for approval of latest curricula or substantive adjustments, and adjust to all of the Affiliation’s standards and guidelines. AICCS faculties should agree to just accept the credits and degrees issued by all other member schools of the Association.
​International Schools
AICCS welcomes Worldwide colleges to become Accredited Members for free of charge. Nevertheless, as a result of we're unable to complete on-site reviews, we can't offer full accreditation to colleges outdoors the United States. 

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